Junior High Powerlifting, Varsity Powerlifting · Comets to Host 4th Annual Lift-a-Thon

Both the Junior High and High School Powerlifting Teams will host a Lift-a-Thon during the week of December 10th. Monday, December 10th, lifters will Squat followed by Hang Clean on Tuesday the 11th, Bench Press Wednesday the 12th and finish with Deadlift on Thursday, December 13th.

Every powerlifting athlete is looking for sponsors to pledge a specific amount of money per pound of weight lifted. We will test in four lifts: Back Squat, Hang Clean, Bench Press, and Deadlift. The combined weight will be totaled to calculate the money donated. For example, if someone pledges $0.05 per pound and an athlete lifts a total of 1000 pounds, that sponsor would donate $50 total. Pledge sheets are due Friday, December 7th, but the money is not due until Wednesday, January 9th. Money will be used for entry fees, uniforms, weight belts, and other equipment in the weight room. The Athletic Department is pushing to purchase a new rack and platform for the weight room and the amount leftover after the necessities are purchased will go towards the new equipment. Please make all checks payable to Dickson Powerlifting.

Junior High will lift during their 1st hour period beginning at 7:50 and concluding at 8:30 each day. There will be 12 High School Lifters participating during 6th hour between the times of 1:30 and 2:15. The rest of the roster will participate during 7th hour between 2:30 and 3:30. Family and friends are encouraged to come and watch the lifters complete their lifts every day.

Click the link below to view the Lift-a-Thon pledge form!

Lift-a-Thon Pledge Form